About Ipsus

Ipsus is an award-winning developer based in London. Launched in 2004 and specialising in residential and mixed-use schemes, Ipsus has developed a diverse portfolio ranging from luxury apartments to executive houses. Several of our developments blend residential units with business and commercial premises, creating a significant commercial investment portfolio including shops, cafés, restaurants and offices.

Our success stems from an uncompromising belief in quality. In the good times, Ipsus developments command a premium price. And even when markets harden, demand for quality homes, like the ones Ipsus builds, remains buoyant.

Ipsus applies a dynamic but thoughtful approach across all stages of the development process – from sourcing land and obtaining planning consents, through construction right to the finished product. This care and attention to detail results in homes and developments of real distinction.

About Ipsus

The first stage of any development is acquiring the land. But the key to this is having the vision to see a site’s potential and the expertise to recognise its limitations. Ipsus unlocks the hidden potential that others cannot to maximise return on investment. With no complex reporting structures or prescriptive criteria to hamper our decision-making, we can act fast to secure opportunities once that hidden potential has been identified.We can choose the optimum approach case by case, from conventional/unconditional or subject-to-planning acquisitions, to corporate purchases and joint ventures. We have a proven track record of steering schemes that maximise development potential through the planning process, our flexible and dynamic approach allows us to adapt to the needs of the project.

Because landowners know us, trust us and like the way we do business, we can frequently deliver a better return to them when embarking on joint ventures. Our partners know that with us, the process will be pain-free and they’ll reap longer-term rewards.

About Ipsus
Arresting Designs

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And while residents and occupiers venture beyond a building’s façade, most people only ever see the outside of a building. Which is why our designs are always sensitive to their surroundings, providing a harmonious but striking addition to any neighbourhood.

Ipsus works with a range of architects with broad expertise to ensure that we always bring the optimum blend of skills to bear on each particular project. All our architectural partners share our passion for producing buildings to be proud of. Our award-winning developments have become local beacons, welcoming owners and visitors alike.

About Ipsus

We believe that where fixtures and fittings face daily use, quality means value. So our specifications are consistently high, including robust and elegant fittings and appliances by the likes of Duravit, Hansgrohe, CEA and Siemens.

Modern bespoke kitchens offer style and durability. Touch control induction hobs and A+ efficiency rated appliances set the standard. While elegantly functional designs facilitate and reward the otherwise mundane tasks of everyday life.

Superior materials ensure lasting and attractive finishes throughout – natural wood and stone including slate, quartz and granite, and the best of synthetic composites such as Corian.

About Ipsus
Built for Life

What sets Ipsus apart? The depth of thought we bring to every development. We pride ourselves on an unparalleled level of care and consideration for how our customers will actually live. And this close attention to detail results in homes that work.

A key element is space planning. Zoned floor plans and flowing interiors compliment lifestyles with generous allocation of space throughout. Light, airy living rooms and carefully laid out kitchens ensure that form follows function within an elegant modern aesthetic. Underfloor heating eliminates the need for intrusive radiators. And Ipsus includes energy-saving innovations with all its developments, such as communal biomass boilers and CHP with room-by-room controls to save money and the planet.

The same depth of thought and attention to detail set Ipsus bathrooms apart from the competition. Recessed cisterns and pipework ensure clean uninterrupted lines. Wall-mounted shower thermostats are best placed near the entrance to the enclosure, rather than beneath the showerhead, allowing the user to switch the water on without having to reach or get in the shower.

All our master bedrooms accommodate a king size bed as standard, with queen size beds in secondary bedrooms. En suite bath and dressing rooms with integrated bespoke wardrobes – often sourced from abroad – reflect modern aspirations. Extensive use of floor-to-ceiling glazing marries the interior to the exterior and welcomes light into Ipsus homes.

About Ipsus
Public Realm

Successful public realm planning is about more than simply creating an impressive frontage. The foundation of good design is deeper thinking and careful attention to detail.

We strive for external spaces that set a new standard, providing a focal point for the development and the wider community. Clusters of shops, restaurants and cafés with expanses of green and pedestrian boulevards create a welcoming hub for the public. Our design objective is always to raise the status of our surroundings. So Ipsus buildings make a positive long-term contribution to the local area.

Ipsus has a proven record of planning and producing developments that harmonise with the neighbouring architecture while exceeding expectations. And this has been recognised through the many awards we have won.

About Ipsus

Commercial uses are vital to the success of a mixed-use development. A significant proportion of our projects have included shops, cafés and restaurants, and serviced offices that fully embrace the diverse needs of commercial users.

With all these developments Ipsus had a clear vision for commercial usage from the outset. This approach is essential to achieving a compelling end product that realises the site’s full potential.

Where others add commercial usage in as an afterthought, we look at the whole picture, balancing the needs of commercial users in the public realm and integrating commercial elements within the development as a whole, from the first pre-planning stage.

About Ipsus
Relishing Challenges

Ipsus thrives on the complex problems presented by urban brown-field developments in the capital. Chief among these is effective integration of the new and the existing, particularly where buildings are listed and requiring restoration, or are located in conservation areas.

The reality of London’s mature property market is that all the ‘easy’ projects have been done. Everything that remains presents a particular challenge or makes extra demands, requiring the flexible approach and lateral thinking for which Ipsus is renowned.

While other developers may be reluctant to work next to a railway or build above a Tube line, we relish the challenges. Ipsus carefully sources professional teams and main contractors with just the right skills and expertise for the job. This method of procurement places any risk with the experts. And whether working on listed buildings or properties of architectural merit, from re-routing trunk sewers to underpinning facades, our winning approach allows us to release the site’s full potential.

About Ipsus

We attract potential customers by producing consistently high quality communications, from the very first hoardings through to the production of websites, brochures and home information packs.

Our marketing isn’t just about projecting an image but rather maintaining the same level of excellence we achieve in our buildings. Sales and marketing materials reflect the same values as our properties, presenting a message that is clear, concise and appropriate to its audience.

The materials for our Ipsus03 scheme won a ‘Five Star Award’ for ‘Best Development Marketing’ at the 2010 International Property Awards.

About Ipsus

The UK Government’s ambition to move towards a greener, more sustainable future has seen the implementation of a number of national, regional and local policies for new developments. Ipsus is similarly committed to social and environmental responsibilities and has embedded in its philosophy a number of sustainability objectives to deliver high quality, future-ready, low carbon homes.

In line with our vision, we have developed an energy strategy for each of our developments focused on delivering environmentally friendly and cost effective energy to our residents. By using highly efficient building fabric that improve air tightness, heat recovery ventilation systems, underfloor heating, highly efficient sanitaryware and the provision of time and temperature zoning controls we are able to reduce overall energy consumption. All of our homes use appliances with an A+ efficiency rating, low energy lighting throughout and are fitted with recycling bins.

We seek to ensure rainwater is harvested and re-used wherever possible and through the introduction of green roofs and imaginative landscape designs we are able to reduce the amount of rainwater run-off into drainage systems.

We encourage alternative modes of transport to car travel with a number of our developments being entirely car free. All of our schemes contain safe bicycle storage and wherever possible we provide new car club spaces and pay residents annual membership fees.

We adhere to The Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM and all of our schemes are Lifetime Homes compliant.

About Ipsus

Ipsus are a privately backed company but we also have a solid reputation for securing prudent levels of debt finance.

An established reputation and a quality end product, combined with clear and compelling business plans have allowed us to attract large lenders and private backers alike, even in a volatile market.

Our continued success is founded on our understanding of the pressures facing lenders and financiers, and our ability to answer their key concerns at the outset.